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I’m Paul Burkhart. I was born and raised in Dallas, and went to VCU in Richmond, VA. I received theological training in Counseling from Westminster Theological Seminary, and currently work as a Case Manager in social work in Philadelphia. I’m continuing graduate work in both theology and psychology, with the hope of having my own counseling practice while also writing and teaching.

I love the depths, simplicities, and eccentricities both God and life have to offer. This relationship is a messy one full of tears, underlined pages, and bruised knees. I wrestle with my God while He wrestles with me. I hope my feeble articulations can be used to draw you to Him and encourage you in life’s deepest endeavors.

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“I once described faith as something I got on my shoe and can’t kick or wash off. I’m stuck with it. My poems are the trespasses and blasphemies of a malpracticing Christian, one who can’t stop ogling an attractive leg, or wanting to be first, who is venial, foolish, seldom at peace, horny and lonely, and so far from the kingdom of God that his whole life becomes the theme of that distance, someone knowing he is in deep shit. It’s the perfect place to be, where you can’t fool yourself into thinking you’re on the right track… The only thing I have to offer God is my sins. I am interested in mercy when it appears in places where you would never expect it. I am interested in love that shovels shit against the tide. I am interested in grace… It is better to be annihilated and crushed by God, if you are in love with God, then it is to have no relationship at all. Better God smite you than merely be absent. God does not ‘tolerate’ me. God loves me.” — poet Joe Weil