"Extended Engagement" From John Singer Sargent’s "Madame Erraruiz," ver. 1

The Wistful, winsome, andwitty,
A girlish charm in every stroke;
A touch of gray and bit o’ gold.
A bashful look in which he took:
Beauty candid the elder behold.

Staccato continuity
Minimalist within thy sweeps
Maximimalist; in thy pathos.
Evidences caress thy cheek:
Hallward’s success still rather close

at hand to perfect purity.
Your soul’s quintessence forever known,
Yet ambiguity reigns here still;
For coquettishness is ever not
without source compelling will.

What is it can act as deity,
And cause blushing lips to turn?
What romance lies within your thought?
Behind your eyes what image runs,
And is it true or all for naught?

Oh Madame in sublimity,
Do teach us how we can catch
A glimpse of One just long enough
To paint a picture and know we can
– feel –
– know –
– experience –
– Love –

_______ Love & Romance though so tough.

One thought on “"Extended Engagement" From John Singer Sargent’s "Madame Erraruiz," ver. 1

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