How I love thee as I sin,

How I love thee as I cry;

How I love the as I look upon

The work your hands have made.

But I fear I fall more and more

In love with You for Your Works,


I want to fall in love with you.

Re: Dear,

I am in my works

I am He:

Who was,

and is,

and is to come.

I am.

I am He who gives mercy on whom I will,

And I have

opened your eyes

Given you life, given you freedom

And you have taken my mercy,

My favored child whom I love.

This, this Beauty before you: Take it.

I give freely to you; Love it.

Partake in all my Goodness- Taste it.

Come, rest thy head in me

My beloved child whom I love.

Yes, cry.

Feel it.

Feel me more in you,

and to you,

and through you.

Seek not me ( because you can’t).

Just fix your eyes,

open your arms,

and allow Me

To allure you with all that is before you;

Allow me to smash your idols as I

Whisper tenderly in your ear:

Sweet Everythings


I plea,

I cry,

I run,

I will,

I endeavor,

I die

That you will allow this burden to fall

And just taste

(that’s all you will need,

but return as you might,

To all Beauty I surround you with.)

Child, just taste and you will see

I am Good.

I do all things for the sake of my children,


I love you.


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