If We Could Only Lose Those Damned Pedestals

[From the famed statue of the goddess “Nike”]

So . . .
you’re so angelic that you don’t need
a head?
or arms?
or feet?
or a bra?

But . . .
you’re not so angelic that you don’t need
some wings?
a slip?
a pedestal?
or a belly button?

(Wait . . .
did you really have an umbilical cord?
because I dont’ believe you.)

And . . .
if gravity has no effect
(as evidenced by your gown and breasts)
what’s the need of wings?

Or . . .
are you as we all are:
created with questions concerning purpose,
and meaning,
and origin.

Always wanting to defy the forces pushing us down,
while lacking feet to do so;
Always attached to our pedestals that bind us.

What do you think?

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