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Potential Questions:

  • Why are you doing this? I’m a relatively poor twentysomething that has poured much of himself and his time into this website, both in design and content. Also, I see this site not only as a place for personal ideas, but as a ministry to the greater body of Christian believers out there.
  • Why now? First, I’ve realized that on this blog alone, over the past several years, I’ve written well more than enough content to fill a few books. Instead, I have desired to give away the content for free. Secondly, the nature of an open society of information (as we are moving towards), by its very nature lends itself to an open and free exchange of ideas (from the writer) and resources (from the reader).
  • How much do you expect me to give? This is what I’m asking: a dollar a post. Or more precisely, a dollar for every post you like or is helpful to you.
  • You really think your stuff is worth paying for? That’s what I’m trying to find out. My blog, for the most part, has stayed away from personal “diary”-type posts and has instead contained more substantive “ministry”-oriented posts; posts that I’ve hoped would be genuinely helpful to those that stumble across this blog. I’d love to see if my writing has any real value.
  • Do you expect to get much, if anything, from this little donate button? No.