weekend update

I wanted to write a quick note to anyone that’s been confused about the lack of writing on all of my sites.

For one reason or another, I’ve decided to do more research on the Slavery, Bible, and Atheism series.  Here’s why: It’s a six part series and so far each part has required two separate posts.  I am mostly done with the second post of Part 2, and for the whole series so far, I have almost 20 pages of content written.  With the stuff I want to say, and the content I wish to cover, I’ve realized that by the end of the series, if I stay on pace, I could have anywhere between 60 and 75 pages worth of material written.  And this doesn’t even include the pages worth of comments I’ve written on comments on Facebook and here on the blog.  So far, all I’ve written has been very “bloggy” in style and language; in other words — completely unworthy of even considering trying to see published.  It’s been very polemical and directly addresses other people and conversations not directly involved in this blog.

So here’s my dilemma: I either just need to chill and not stress myself over writing so much or I really need to step up the writing quality.  If I do the first, then this series will be just quick little posts I’ll pop out rapidly in the next couple of weeks and then we’ll be done.  If I do the second, it will take much more time, research, reading, and investment (and perhaps a change of medium).  To help me make this decision, I’m skimming through several resources (covering Philosophy, History, Society & Politics, Science, and Theology) to see what’s there.  I’ll be honest – I really am leaning towards making this short and sweet.  This particular topic has never been a passion of mine, though it’s peripheral issues I’ve invested much of my thought into.  I’ll know by next week.  Any thoughts from reader-land?  Have I even earned the right/credentials to try and publish something like this?

Reform & Revive hasn’t gotten any love in almost a month and a half.  Why?  No one’s writing anything.  Of the three people that have been the closest to actually writing consistently, I’ve been having a writing crisis over what are the most helpful mediums of writing for what I want to say; another person is in the middle of her first semester in seminary; and the third just got a girlfriend, is trying to focus on prospering his photography business, and has started a great diner review blog he’s currently writing for.  I am working on a new article for it right now on the ever popular topic of Christianity and Politics.  It’s called “Fear and Loathing in Washington, D.C.”.  I think it’ll be okay, but mostly a rant.  I will probably put out a call for more/new writers for the site sometime soon. Any takers?

I’m about to embark on helping my old pastor and friend at my old church in Richmond prepare for an upcoming sermon series through one of the toughest books of the Bible.  I have a stack of about 8 large commentaries on this one book that I’m going to be going through and summarizing/synthesizing so he can use the information in his preaching.  That’s going to really cut down on writing.  Also, I’m trying to finish some of the books I’m reading now, so I can just focus on that project over then next few months.

I’m really getting involved in the life of my new church, and it has been challenging me in how to live this Christian life out.  I have entirely new paradigms with which I’m approaching spirituality, community, and sanctification.  So, for the first time in my life, I’m not satisfied with merely sitting at a laptop typing away, but I’m actually getting out and actually loving people.  And it’s amazing.  A few of us have started a site to organize our efforts to serve the City of Philadelphia.  So that’s gladly taking some of my time and energy as well.

Lastly, I’m trying to figure out life and wrestle with my God, and that is perhaps the activity sapping me of most of my intellectual and emotional energy.  Pray I’m able to live in the tension, ambiguity, and doubt of the Christian life, and that I’m able to establish a clear idea of what projects I actually want to work on and how to prioritize them all.

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