Consider Sponsoring a Child with Compassion

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This is what a friend at another Liberti campus recently sent this out.  She’s been asked by a ministry called Compassion to look for a sponsor for a 9-year old Ethiopian named Dinku Dejene.  His birthday is August 21; he lives with his stepfather, mother, and sibling; and his favorite activities are soccer, running, and hide-and-seek.  (Click here for his full-size Compassion card.)

Meredith writes:

“The goal is to find a person to sponsor him on a committed, monthly basis for $38 per month by December 31. The children Compassion serves receive (among other things): the opportunity to hear the gospel and learn about Jesus; regular Christian training; educational opportunities and help; health care, hygiene training and supplementary food if necessary; a caring and safe Christian environment to grow in self-confidence and social skills; and personal attention, guidance and love.

Probably the easiest way to sign up (or even express further interest or ask questions) is to leave a comment below and we’ll contact you by email.  I can then mail you the sign up card with the info and picture of Dinku and you can then mail it in should you decide to sponsor him. No need for stamps or anything like that, everything is pre-paid!

Sponsoring a child is wonderful. They send you letters and pictures and you can write back to them and create more of that personal bond. You also have the opportunity to visit them one day if you like.  Best of all, you are no longer just talking about doing something, but actually doing something to make a difference in a lfe of a child, one of millions of children who live in unthinkable poverty and disadvantage.

I hope someone will feel lead to sponsor Dinku! He is patiently waiting :)”

If you’ve been wondering how to stop just talking and start living out this faith, sponsoring a child is a great place to start.  Microfinance is changing the shape of the developing world and even one child sponsored is one life changed.  Please consider this opportunity.  Apologies for how last minute it is.  My fault.  Here’s Dinku:

What do you think?

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