“If You Believe in Jesus, the Resurrection, & Evolution, You Are A Heretic” – Patrol Mag

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Well, my article for last week on Patrol took a little longer for me to submit it than usual so it only just got posted.  The article has to do with the recent situation involving Bruce Waltke, formerly of Reformed Theological Seminary.  The article is in response to a recent post by Rick Phillips of the site Reformation21, whose mission is “Encouraging biblical thinking, living, worship, ministry, and constructive cultural engagement.”  I believe the articles written by Phillips (and others) reacting to Waltke’s situation do not fall into any of those parameters set by that mission statement.  Here’s the link:

“If You Believe in Jesus, the Resurrection, & Evolution, You Are A Heretic”

Also, something that might be of interest to some, the article contains a very surprising and substantial list of names (and links to sources) of Christians throughout history whose view of Genesis either explicitly or implicitly allows for, encourages, or would have allowed for theistic creation by means of Darwinian evolution.  Check it.

You can see all of my past articles for Patrol here.

6 thoughts on ““If You Believe in Jesus, the Resurrection, & Evolution, You Are A Heretic” – Patrol Mag

  1. Great piece at Patrol, Paul. Last week, I decided to take a week off from reading stuff about Waltke because it was getting so depressing. You’d either get stuff like that from Phillips (which, I think, is the final straw for me; I won’t be visiting Ref21 anymore after that), or you get stuff launching grenades at RTS. The Aquila Report did a good job providing a balanced account.

    In the end, the whole thing was a big mess, and I wish it hadn’t of happened. The mood here at RTS has been very somber…we’ve lost such a great man.

    Anyway, just wanted to let you know I really appreciated your take on it.


  2. Hello there, I can’t help but feel that you were a bit harsh on Rick Phillips. Reaching for the 1John argument seems to me to be going way too far. I totally disagree with Phillips and agree that he was saying that Waltke (and Enns) were heretics (or getting close to it). But that doesn’t mean he should be anathematised in return.

    I linked to this blog for NT Wright too, but it also is relevant here. I especially like the comment by Joel Hunter.



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