USA over Algeria: New Internet Traffic Record

donovan-goalAccording to my favorite tech blog, Mashable, Landon Donovan’s game-winning goal which beat Algeria not even an hour ago may have become the second highest spike in internet traffic ever.  You can read more about the metrics and other ways that the World Cup has affected internet traffic by clicking on the link below.

“USA vs Algeria World Cup Match Could Set New Internet Traffic Record” –Mashable

3 thoughts on “USA over Algeria: New Internet Traffic Record

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  2. Thank you for the information. I’m trying to make a blog about a variety of tips. But despite many articles I create, no one visitor to my blog. It was hard to get traffic to my blog. I want to try using blackhat tactics. But I think it’s not the right way to bring traffic to the long term. I suspect that online marketers use this tactic to bring traffic is high. Do you agree with my statement?


  3. yes, Harry, I disagree about the backhat tactics. A few things I’ve learned from blogging: 1-blog consistently, 2-blog about what your target audience cares about, 3-use tags, 4-join sites of blogger groups and be active, 5-post both your blog url and all your blog posts to your facebook/twitter accounts, 6-and lastly, and most importantly (I’ve found), use the keywords of your article in your article title. That’s how search engines can send people to your post.

    Is that helpful?


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