Some of my dearest friends got engaged this weekend. And I have a tape.

Two of my favorite people–Jospeh Yasso and Tara Molthen–got engaged this past Friday.  It was amazing.  Joseph had planned this thing for a long time and it went off perfectly.  And, just as is the case with most all of our lives nowadays, it was all caught on tape.  Actually, like 5 or 6 of them.  And I have one.  As I was writing this post, I found Joseph’s “official” tape” on YouTube and thought that it offered some things that my video lacked.  My video gives the “crowd” perspective from outside the restaurant to when we enter.  His is good for the perspective form inside the restaurant from the beginning of the entire thing.  His is posted first after the break and mine is below it, followed by the lyrics of his song he wrote.  Like I said, it’s amazing.  One last note: so sorry for the crazy audio feedback at the end of my video.  It’s pretty unbearable, but worth it, I feel.  Enjoy.

Joseph and Tara: Congratulations.  I love you two, and can’t wait to watch you get married.

I hope you don’t mind the attention baby, it’s my intention to profess my love to you, to sing it to the room
You’re funny and sweet and kind of a treat, like a cherry water ice at the Rita’s on Spruce Street
I met Ms. M and the entire fam, wondered way back then, if I could ever be your man, I found out
Our love is providence, our love is not fate, like root beer and ice cream, or Jack and Kate
SDSU ’09 was the time and the place, where we drove around the block, parked, and made a move to first base…
…to watch Adrian Gonzalez and the San Diego Padres, make a surge towards first place

I love you baby! Won’t you be my lady?
I said, I love you baby!

I imagine wakin’ up with you, and feelin’ your breath, we’re two peas in a pod, yeah, Tiger and Seph
Ft. Collins, to Michigan, to Scripps Ranch, and back again, Seattle, and Philly, and even been to Appleton
We can’t be just friends, T, you’re driving me crazy, c’mon somebody get this girl a gerbera daisy
You’re beautiful, your freckles irresistible, your eyes are natural green, like a grand prize beauty queen
I’m the Izzo to your Spartans, and the Kobe to your Lakers, if only LBJ didn’t have so many haters
But this is about you, it’s getting absurd, so it’s back to sing the chorus, everybody knows the words

I love you baby! Want you to have my babies!
That’s right, I love you baby!

I wrote this song for you, yes, it’s true! Well, Josh helped me too
But There’s one thing only I can do, if I want to be with you
This is embarrassing, oh no, where is the ring? No not that thing!
Here I go, I can hear my heart pounding…

[photo credit: David Schrott.  He’s going to be so pissed I used his picture.]

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