this is me attempting to blog on my phone


Hello world.

Those that know a little about the history of computers may have heard that phrase as the traditional first thing anyone programs when learning a new programming language.  I’m wondering if this counts. It certainly feels, at least, like I’m blogging in a new language.

Yes, in case you’re wondering, this post is mainly a test got me to see how simple this could be. Could I blog regularly from my phone? Perhaps. I’ve got to admit- -this post is coming along pretty quickly.

I should wrap this up. I’m currently in miami at the airport waiting for my girlfriend  (yes, I have one of those) to pick me up for this weekend trip. I’ve got several blog posts in queue that should be going live in the next couple of weeks; my flights back to philly will be kind of long, so I’ll hopefully work on them then.

That’s it for me, I guess. I think this little experiment went well enough. I could see myself doing this from time to time to give little personal updates. We’ll see. Well, I’m of to brave this terrible, terrible  90° humid weather, while my beloved philly is resting securely in the 70’s.

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3 thoughts on “this is me attempting to blog on my phone

  1. Whatcha doing on Florida? Did you call your bank to let them know you’re traveling? LOL, I’m at work getting calls from people traveling 🙂


  2. ha ha. no. i was able to use my card all weekend without a problem. and i said what i was doing in florida: visiting my girlfriend who lives there. oh wait. i forgot. we REALLY need to catch up.


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