And Thus It Begins: liberti home meetings & my heart

For all those in Philly that either do attend liberti: center city, have attended, or are interested in getting involved: this week marks the beginning of our new season of home meetings. I don’t know why, but I am so excited about this particular round of meetings. Yes, I lead one, but more than that, I feel that the season in which the church currently finds itself is one where a lot of growth (both painful and joyful) is imminent; and I think that these Liberti Home Meetings will be a primary catalyst for this growth.  [Click here for a complete list and map of our groups if you are interested in checking any of them out.]

In the past year and some change, throughout my involvement at Liberti, home meetings have been a constant source of amazing discussion, deep personal analysis, and action mobilization. I really can’t commend these things enough. My deepest relationships, and even where I moved into the city, were all fruits borne from my time in my home meetings.

About nine months ago, I was given the privilege and the honor of serving the church by helping to lead a new home meeting. That first iteration of the group–also led by one of my closest (and recently engaged) friends–was an amazing time I will not forget. In fact, it was such a time of dynamism, growth, and vitality, I often have to fight the temptation to view those months as my home meeting “glory days” (especially in light of the subsequent frustrations and anxieties I experienced in leading new incarnations of the group). In anything, it’s far too easy to live in the past where it just clicked, flowed, or just “worked”; and want to forget those times where the deepest growth and humility was happening.

I’ve heard it advised from more than one person that you should date someone “through all four seasons” before deciding to marry them. In other words, the seasons have profound effects on us, and you can’t say you truly “know” someone until you have gone through an entire yearly cycle where you’ll probably experience a full range of joy, pain, pride, humility, sin, and grace with that person. And I suppose this is why I am so excited for these groups this time around. The home meetings starting this week mark a complete yearly cycle of “seasons” within which I have found revealed my greatest joys and deepest insecurities. I’ve been to the mountain and I’ve returned to see the idolatry of my heart. I feel I can now receive both the blessing and refining of our Good and Gracious Father who loves us, welcomes usfeeds usconnects us, and meets us at His Table; we come with nothing and He gives us Everything.

Liberti church, I feel this word is for you as well. The Lord plans on meeting us in these home meetings and drawing us to Himself, that He might send us out to be his wounded, but resurrected, hands and feet into a wounded world longing to taste its own reviving. So as we enter into this new year of home meetings, let us walk with both unfettered joy and deep sobriety, for we are indeed great sinners, but He is, indeed, a Great Savior.

2 thoughts on “And Thus It Begins: liberti home meetings & my heart

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