5 thoughts on “something I’ve realized about blogging

  1. Yep….you’re absolutely correct Paul. Had Donald Trump written a blog each and every day he’d have all the votes needed to run for President. : )


  2. Ha. Yup. Just wrote about it…sometimes i wonder if the fight is worth it….

    Too much good material on the web to think mine is worth fighting for…


  3. Oh you are so right (I mistyped just now and almost wrote “write” instead of “right”. Talk about a Freudian slip!).

    To blog well, someone must feel like they have something worth saying and worth reading, which is, needless to say, a breeding ground for so many other frustrations and faults that lend themselves to such pride, insecurity, and isolation. Oh the task of the communicator! But we simply must communicate, right?


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