Weekly Must-Reads {08.30.11}

Admittedly, this week’s Must-Reads are a bit random, but I think you all will enjoy them. There are no consistent themes this time around, just a little hodge-podge of humor, politics, theology, etc.. As usual, feel free to add your own links for myself and others to read in the comments section, as well as comment on these articles.


Things Organized Neatly

This site is starting to make its rounds amongst our crew here in Philly. We’re obsessed, but it’s so worth it. I’ve taken some of the pictures and have them rotating as my laptop background to reflect my interest in bookswritingcoffee and breakfasthistorymy favorite board gamedressing nicelybeing coolfacial hair, and shaving.

God, Math & the Multiverse | the Veritas Forum

I haven’t actually watched/listened to it yet, but it should be pretty phenomenal. Thanks for the link, Colin.

Recreating King Midas’ Golden Elixir: in collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania, an American brewer makes a beer for the ages | Beer Notes

The fascinating story behind one of my favorite beers of all time, Dogfish Head‘s Midas Touch.

Martin Luther King: a blockheaded memorial

This past weekend, a memorial to Martin Luther King, Jr. was unveiled. As would be expected, there was a lot of controversy. Now, usually, I think the media overhypes stupid controversies over things like this, but this is a very real and genuine bastardization of all that King stood for. In the end, though, this is the memorial we have (and will have for generations), so we should try and find the beauty in it somewhere.

The Haunting of Rick Perry | NYTimes.com

I’ve had a very tough time with the death penalty the past several years. I may talk about it more another time (at the very least, it is so disproportionately given to minorities that something has to change), but this article is a beautiful articulation of the struggle we face when not only thinking about this topic, but when politics so unnecessarily (and harmfully) gets involved. Money quote:

Opposing the death penalty is not rooted simply in the pursuit of justice, but, perhaps more firmly, in understanding the world’s fundamental injustice, and the ease with which an attempt to permanently balance the scales ultimately imbalances them further.

Religion, Politics, & Our National Split Personality | Patrol Mag

The underlying notion that buoys the popular opinion that religion and politics should not be mixed is a good one. It is based on the understanding that we live in a pluralistic society that is ruled by a secular government…This is good. But maintaining a pluralistic society and a secular state does not require citizens to divide themselves into believers on certain days and citizens on others. It is both impossible and undesirable to maintain this kind of split personality.

Chris Christie’s Cue | NYTimes.com Opinion

Ross Douthat saying that the governor of New Jersey needs to run for President. I agree. You should too.

35% of Tablet Owners Use Them in the Bathroom | Mashable

And I’m one of them.

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