It’s Official: House Show #3 on September 30

The Birdhouse (the house I have the privilege of sharing with some great guys) has been host to a couple of amazing house shows–that fact has never been in question. The only real question (since last December) has been “when is the next one going to be?” Well, we now have an answer to that.

The Birdhouse presents, vol. 3: The Comeback
Friday, September 30th at 7pm

So if you’re interested in coming, check out the Facebook Event Page and RSVP. Also be sure to go to our website and listen/download recordings from the other shows (the album for the second show is coming soon). Then come on by and bring any food, drink, and merriment you may have to spare and enjoy the evening. This will be epic. Confirmed musicians for the evening (so far):

  • Lauryn Peacock
  • Drew Skinner
  • Kimberly Stoltzfus
  • Maxwell Greene
  • Paul Burkhart

If you’re interested in a little refresher, below you will find some highlights from the first show we had. The recordings themselves are a bit quiet, but are fine with headphones or external speakers:

 Josh & Lauren Schurr: Cry Me a River (Justin Timberlake)
 Paul Burkhart: Bad Romance (Lady GaGa)
Tim Barnes: Curs in the Weeds (Horse Feathers)
 Brown Bird, Blonde Bird: Hardwood Floors
 Chris Currie: Not Wasting Time
 Ally Leedy: Make Me A Pallet on the Floor (Gillian Welch)

What do you think?

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