a little blog update… (on “Paul breaks” and guilt-burdens)

I have a really good friend, David, who loves me a lot. I’ve often considered him my “best friend” (as awkward as that strangely feels for me to say–as a guy). I’ve known him since I was in college in Richmond, Virginia. We would spend hours upon hours at our favorite Richmond coffee-shop talking theology, life, and books. We’ve been through a lot together (we even tried to keep a fledgling online magazine running for a time).

But through the course of our friendship, every once and a while, he’s had to take what he calls “Paul breaks”. These are periods ranging from a couple of weeks to a couple of months where I won’t see him or talk to him. They usually follow a season of intense hanging out where we saw each other for many hours for many days in a row.

I’m an intense guy. He’s a laid-back guy. And so, after a time like this, he’s needed a break from me.

But this wasn’t because he didn’t love me or didn’t care about our friendship, it was precisely because he loved me and wanted our friendship to continue.

And so it has been with this blog.

I got the below brief email from a dear friend last night:


I’ve felt a burden of such guilt over not writing here (as I have timetime, time, timetime, and time again). But after the blitzkrieg that was the Advent series on this site, I’ve been spent. I’ve needed a little vacation from writing; but not because I don’t love writing on this site, but precisely because I do.

And so, I’ll tell you, blog, and the rest of the world that yes, I’m still blogging. I actually have a lot of things in the works. Many posts that are started or only half-done (or in the research phase–political posts (as I promised) need lots of research and citations to be taken seriously).

Here’s what you all can look forward to in the coming months (starting next week):

  • the aforementioned political posts
  • some music reviews
  • a bunch of book reviews
  • some theological engagements with other sites
  • some fiction and poetry
  • a Lent Mixtape
  • and lastly, I’m developing a Lent series that is going to be awesome. It’ll have the same flavor as the Advent series, but a lot heavier (as is appropriate).

See you next week!

2 thoughts on “a little blog update… (on “Paul breaks” and guilt-burdens)

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