“God & Country” vs. “God & Church” [QUOTE]

If American nationalism appeals to Christians because of the resemblance between the idea of America and the idea of the universal Church, then it stands to reason that the weakening of the major Christian churches, Catholic and Protestant alike, would make the Church of America (in both its progressive and conservative forms) more appealing than ever before. Almost every major Christian body has less moral authority today than it did a few generations ago, and while the idea of America has been battered over this period as well, patriotism in its various forms burns far brighter than most religious Americans’ affections for their particular churches and denominations. “God and country” has a stronger pull than “God and the Catholic bishops” or “God and the United Methodist Church,” and the partisan mind-set increasingly provides a greater sense of solidarity, shared purpose, and even eschatological fervor than the weakened confessions of Protestantism or the faded grandeur of Rome.

Ross Douthat, Bad Religion: How We Became a Nation of Heretics.

Also, read my review preview of Bad Religion, as well as some of my other thoughts on this Memorial Day 2012.

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2 thoughts on ““God & Country” vs. “God & Church” [QUOTE]

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