Guilty., originally uploaded by paulburkhart.


3 thoughts on “Guilty.

  1. Paul I am a cable guy I have been doing it for 12 years, I had fios for a while I started with the $89 a month contract for 2 years at the end of those 2 years my monthly bill was $169 with no pay channels and extended basic tv phone and internet. go with your cable company you will be better off money wise where you live in Pa I think you have comcast which I installed for years which isnt too bad


    • Hey Jim, thanks for the comment. Yeah, we have Comcast. After a year of REALLY slow, in-and-out internet service (that they thought was all our fault or the router, recently admitted it was there fault, and fixed it), we now have no major issues. My “guilty” statement above was more about being a blogger with many sites, not needing FiOS. But again, thanks for the comment.


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