on blogs that begin and never start… [casual friday]

The blogging platform I use, WordPress, has a nifty feature where you can “find your friends” with blogs also on WordPress. I spent the other day doing this, and ended up really enjoying myself. It was like dropping into random time capsules here and there. I ran across blogs that many of my friends had begun, only to never write a single post. Then, some of them would come back months or years laters and express their desire to start back up again and…well…. just look at this example:

That is the only post on the entire blog.

I say this not to pick on anyone, but rather to highlight how silly we humans are. Look again at the date of that post above: January 3rd. This was obviously a New Year’s Resolution that never took off.

I have been running this blog since December of 2004–that’s almost ten years! I’ve had lots of time to write very silly things I now regret (and yet I don’t take them down) and get quite over-zealous in my blogging. The first rule I always heard about blogging is that you should find your niche and stick with it–don’t let the content of you blog stray too much from what people come there to read.

So, I took this to mean that if I ever wanted to write about anything else, I needed to have an entirely separate blog set up for it. This is how my many now-defunct blogs came to lie like waste across the blogospherical landscape:

  • I wrote for a while on a Biblical Psychology blog.
  • I also “ran” an “online magazine” that didn’t see much action for very long before dying (thought it had some great content).
  • Outside of those, my other blogging never really took off. These remains include bible studies for Song of Solomon, 1 John, James, Ephesians, and Hebrews.
  • I also had a blog of my “sermons” even though I’ve never had a “preaching ministry” of any kind.
  • Oh, and did you all know I had a podcast!? (Seriously! With my own original theme music too!)

Like I said, I’ve been a little overzealous at times.

We long for connection and blogs offer a level of insight into others’ lives to an extent that we think we could be known like we feel like we know others. And so blogs are appealing. We want to be known. These human truths are well-documented and discussed–I had no illusions of contributing much to these insights in this post. I was just hoping to bring up one more place they pop up and poke a little fun at myself for your amusement.

In conclusion, I’ll leave you with my favorite one of these never-started blogs. It’s by my little brother (about whom I’ve written), and I can’t believe I only stumbled on it now (Happy Birthday, Matthew, haha).

Have you ever started a blog and never finished it? Why? What would make you pick it back up?

5 thoughts on “on blogs that begin and never start… [casual friday]

  1. “We long for connection and blogs offer a level of insight into others’ lives to an extent that we think we could be known like we feel like we know others.”

    Good stuff right there. Confession I haven’t blogged since October 8th.


  2. I have an early 2000’s outlook on blogging mixed with a very 2012 view of microblogging. I have many blogs that exist out there, (sadly one of my longest blogs went by the way side when my first ever self hosted domain expired) I keep them all because I love having that glimpse of youth and what was going on in my life.

    Now I want to go look at my angst ridden posts on live journal haha!


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