N.T. Wright: Egalitarianism isn’t “progressive”; it’s biblical. Others object.

The Rt Revd N T (Tom) Wright delivering the Ja...Alas, due to my obsessive commitment to not let blogging get in the way of the relationships in my life, my promised post on the historical context of 1 Timothy will not be coming today (and may have to wait until next week). Instead, as part of this ongoing series, today I’d like to offer to all of you an excellent Op-ed that biblical scholar N.T. Wright posted in The Times of London (copublished here).

Last week, the Church of England voted not to allow any female bishops (though they have, for some time, allowed female priests). Prime Minister David Cameron bemoaned this, telling the Church they needed to “get with the programme” and ordain women bishops because that’s just where the world is right now, apparently. (This issue is also causing other political problems for the Church.)

Wright, who supports female bishops wrote the Op-Ed blasting Cameron for encouraging the Church to “get with the times”, saying that that is never a reason why the Church should do anything. He continues, blasting the idea of naive “progressivism” that has dominated monder thought.

Instead, he says, the Church should ordain female bishops because it’s biblical, not because it’s “cool” or “progressive”. He goes on to say that appealing to the culture does damage to the truth that it is biblical, and reinforces the patently false idea that those that oppose female ordination are the ones reading Scripture “literally” and “faithfully” while egalitarians are only listening to “culture”.

The Op-ed is brief, snarky, and powerful. Needless to say, it garned some thoughts from conservatives on this side of the pond. Doug Wilson did not just one, but two posts on it, and Denny Burke also wrote against it. The Internet Monk then brilliantly deconstructed their responses.

And so, I give you these men (why is it always men!) to read and discuss in the space below. Have fun.

4 thoughts on “N.T. Wright: Egalitarianism isn’t “progressive”; it’s biblical. Others object.

  1. I more or less agree with Burke’s line of questioning (though perhaps not his conclusion) simply because one could find new testament scriptures that show that there were apostles and teachers that were women and ask him why he’s doing the same thing to those passages that he says wright is doing to the timothy passage.


  2. I am back logged on reading these. Good fodder for thought. Funny thing is that Belgium pastor,nke, is someone I went to high school with. He sat next to me all the time – Krepper, Lenke…

    Closer to being swayed but not there yet 🙂


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