My Fiancée is Now a (Really, Really Smart) Blogger!

There she is.

There she is.

Due to school and church stuff over the past few years, I have been the one leaving Philadelphia and traveling for weeks at a time. My fiancée, Rachel, has soldiered through while I just had a grand ol’ time traipsing around the country and globe.

Well, now it’s her turn to leave, and my turn to see what it feels like.

Being one of the most impressive and smartest human beings I know, Rachel was one of five people in the US chosen to participate in the 2016 Transatlantic Practice Exchange with social work agencies in the United Kingdom.

In this program, social workers in the UK and the States switch countries for two weeks and each person gets to study how the other country addresses a certain issue. They then return to their home countries with the intention of sharing this information and implementing some of their findings.

Rachel is, therefore, spending the next two weeks in London with Depaul UK, studying a certain framework that guides their work addressing young adult homelessness. They have had a lot of success working on this issue over there and Rachel’s organization, Project HOME, is eager to begin work in this same area in the next few years.

Anyway, as part of this trip, the participating agencies have asked Rachel to BLOG!

She’s now got a beautiful site and some recently great posts so far, so check it out! Be sure to read her first introductory post, as well as the fuller explanation of the work she’s doing in London. She’s so brilliant and I love seeing her mind out there for all to see.

Keep up with the blog and her Twitter feed. You can also follow the official hashtag for the Exchange, #HomelessLearning. Or you can just keep reading my site, as I’ll be bragging about here whenever I can.


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