“One Race, Different Ethnicities” [spoken word]

This is a beautiful piece by a friend of mine, Aisha Monique, from my previous church. She is a wonderful spoken word artist who wrote and performed this a couple of months ago as a way of prophetically processing the deaths of Alton Sterling and Philando Castille, and hwo they fit into the broader narrative of the Black experience in America. I recently found myself watching it again, and I thought I would share.

Like the biblical book of Lamentations, this is a raw cry from the heart wrapped within the rhythm and boundedness of poetry. So grab some coffee and a quiet place and watch this. Let it sink in and sit with it. And most importantly, especially if you are part of the majority culture, just listen.

One thought on ““One Race, Different Ethnicities” [spoken word]

  1. Commendations to you for sharing such beautiful and prophetic words that echo ever so, sweet! I say amen and amen to the topic of ‘One Race, Different Ethnicities.’ It is interesting that the root meaning behind the word, ethnos is nation. I bare witness for as a writer I was inspired to write a book entitled; ‘Noah’s Family ~ The Story of Mankind – One Race, Many Nations or Ethnicities. We are on one accord, glory to Elohim!


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