“David Bazan: an Example for Christians After All?” – Patrol Magazine

bazanI’m having blogging withdrawal.  So sorry.  I’m still trying to find my rhythm with the new job.  I have several articles I’ve slowly been working on and others that I was working on, only to have the “moment” pass before they were done.  This is particularly true of some political articles I’ve been thinking through.  Just when I get an idea for a political article, the proper time passes before I’m actually able to get the thing written and published.  So once again, sorry.

But, I’m not slacking on my writing for Patrol Magazine.  Here’s the new article:

David Bazan: An Example for Christians After All?

As I said last week, I am the new Thursday blogger for the site.  My first article went up last week, and it was on Christopher Hitchens’ brother, Peter Hitchens.  This week’s article concerns a David Bazan show I went to early this week and some things this show taught me concerning my own spirituality.  So read and feel free to comment!

“For your life – Flee!” by Sean Brendan Stewart – Reform & Revive | a Plugfest

sorry, no y-axis this time

sorry, no y-axis this time

[Thank you to spectacular photographer and friend David Schrott for inspiring this post]

Okay, due to a few recent articles I’ve written, the number of people visiting my blog has increased by over 4000% in the past week.  It’s pretty nuts.  That’s why everything has seemed to be about Derek Webb and his new album, Stockholm Syndrome.  So, I just wanted to take this chance to put in a few plugs for some of my other projects.

I have web magazine called Reform & Revive.  It looks at the intersection between faith and culture, politics, art, the church, and just life in general.  These Derek Webb posts would perhaps have been more appropriate on that site, but the readership here jumped up so fast (I’m actually on the first page of most Google searches having to do with the album).

Anyway, friend, brother, and fellow impassioned writer, Sean Brendan Stewart, just put up a special article that seems to have a similar message as the new Webb album.  It’s some commentary from him, then a very brief manuscript of some audio from a Carter Conlon message.  After that, feel free to look at our more regular full articles from our Contributors.

Lastly, I have my own personal site, Prodigal Paul, that acts as a hub for organizing other blogs, Bible studies, sermons, and such that I have produced over the years.

That is all.

Regina Spektor’s upcoming album “Far”

First off, I really want to do more cultural critique on this blog.  I feel like I have had my head in the ether for far too long.  Now, I don’t want to talk any less about theology and Christianity, I just want to talk a whole lot more about television, music, movies, politics, technology and the like.  Secondly, I was in the process of ignoring this desire of mine and was almost done putting the finishing touches on an upcoming three(?) part series on philosophy and theology, when @NPRnews popped on my twitter feed with a link to where they are currently streaming the new Regina Spektor album (due out June 23rd).

Let’s just say the philsophy series got put on hold for a day or two.

This album is spectacular.

I’ve never listened to Regina Spektor.  I regret that now.  This album (according to NPR) was produced by four different people in four different places at four different times.  For those circumstances to produce this record is astonishing.  Admittedly, I was really enjoying just the music, vocals, and melodies.  Until I heard the song below.  I really had no idea how wonderful of a lyricist she is.  Good gracious.  And no, I don’t just like the song because it talks about God (in fact, she’s a practicing Jew, apparently).  The lyrics are so thoughtful and smart, the music is so beautiful, and the melodies are those of a very experienced artist.

There are so many beautiful nuances in this record.  I will spend the next week or so plumbing their depths.  Current favorites tracks are: The Calculation, Blue Lips, Laughing With, Human of the Year, Dance Anthem of the 80’s, Genius Next Door, Man of a Thousand Faces.

So, listen to the album, put it on repeat, pre-order it, watch this video (below), and read/love the lyrics.