House Show at my place TOMORROW!

birdhouse shows

After the amazing success of our first house show several months ago, we just had to have another one.  Therefore tomorrow, Saturday, December 4th at 7pm in Philadelphia, we are having our second house show entitled The Birdhouse presents, Vol. 2: The Housecooling (Go to the Facebook event page for details and to RSVP).  Our house, as a venue, is called “The Birdhouse” (it’s even on Foursquare).  The show’s gonna be really, really good.  This time around we have four main acts performing (with me doing a little intro set).  Acts include:

  • Chris Currie (formerly of Full Fathom Five) & friends
  • Luke Bartolomeo (novelist, poet, and editor of the Monongahela Review)
  • Heath Warner (also known as “Paul Warner” by day)

We will be recording this evening and putting online for free, just like the first show (Chris also played at that one, though just by himself).  We will have some drinks and snacks, but feel free to bring a six pack, a bottle of wine, or some food (baked goods are always welcome!).  See you there!

For all who watch “Lost”

I admit: I thought the season finale of “Lost” was a bit anti-climactic.  Of course, I must also admit that I was watching it online as it played in the background while I was focusing on other work on my computer.  This caused me not to engage with the episode with all the faculties that it deserved.  My dear “long lost” friend Mark Traphagen passed this article along to me that changed the way I look at the entire show.  It really is quite incredible and is worth the read for anyone who at least saw the finale.  Though beware:  If you haven’t seen the finale yet, don’t read this.  It is full of plenty of spoilers.  Thanks Mark.

Here’s the article: “What Happens Next on ‘Lost’?” by Ben Shapiro