The Meaning of Marriage… Licenses.

A few weeks ago, my fiance Amanda and I got our wedding license. We’re getting married on October 18. Of all the surprises in that process, though, the biggest was me breaking down crying in the middle of this Chester County Courthouse office while signing papers. It took me a little bit to figure out why I was so emotional, and what was going on inside of me. But here it is. 

First and foremost, I love this woman. I’ve known this. But (especially if you know some of my story) it was so powerful and surreal to see another human being willingly and joyfully sign on the dotted line to actually spend their life with me.

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road trip creepin’

I’m currently in Indiana for a wedding this weekend. While driving yesterday, I took a couple of pictures I wanted to share.*

There she is sleeping…


And there I am getting caught.

Have a good weekend.

*yes, I posted these on Facebook and Instagram, but I’m trying to use this blog more for short, personal things as well.

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two of my best (looking) friends are getting married today, so I’m shaving my beard.

Aren’t they good-looking? (Their dog is even cuter.)

Looks aside, two of my favorite people in my life are getting married in just a few hours. I’ve walked with them (especially the future Mrs.) through a lot and having watched them get there today will be one of the greatest joys of my life. Seriously. Their relationship is a true testimony to the goodness and faithfulness of a God that stays with us and heals us. They encourage me and give me so much hope in God.

Oh! The beard thing. Yes. I almost forgot. They have asked me to play guitar for their wedding. Though I believe they have over-estimated my guitar skills a little, I look forward to being a part of this sacrament of God in such a way.
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The Best Wedding Scripture Reading Ever (Marriage Blessings, Andrew & Laura!)

One of my dearest friends got married two weeks ago. He had originally asked me to do this Scripture Reading at the wedding. But unfortunately, the drive from Philly to Newark, Ohio is a long one, and many variables can make for much delay, and indeed, this is what happened. Anyway, to add to the pain of this loss, this particular set of Scriptures that I was going to have the honor of reading just happens to be the best set of Scripture readings I’ve ever encountered for a wedding. No Song of Solomon or 1 Corinthians 13 here; just a proper and exegetically sound exploration of the sweeping story of God’s relationship with his own Bride, the Church. Therefore, I felt compelled to share these verses with you today.

Andrew and Laura, I pray that this feeble attempt at publicly participating in the celebration of your union communicates the love and grace of our Lord to your hearts.  May it bless you.

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Some of my dearest friends got engaged this weekend. And I have a tape.

Two of my favorite people–Jospeh Yasso and Tara Molthen–got engaged this past Friday.  It was amazing.  Joseph had planned this thing for a long time and it went off perfectly.  And, just as is the case with most all of our lives nowadays, it was all caught on tape.  Actually, like 5 or 6 of them.  And I have one.  As I was writing this post, I found Joseph’s “official” tape” on YouTube and thought that it offered some things that my video lacked.  My video gives the “crowd” perspective from outside the restaurant to when we enter.  His is good for the perspective form inside the restaurant from the beginning of the entire thing.  His is posted first after the break and mine is below it, followed by the lyrics of his song he wrote.  Like I said, it’s amazing.  One last note: so sorry for the crazy audio feedback at the end of my video.  It’s pretty unbearable, but worth it, I feel.  Enjoy.

Joseph and Tara: Congratulations.  I love you two, and can’t wait to watch you get married.
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Tim Sinclair’s First Sermon Ever | (a too little, too late wedding gift)

One of my best friends, favorite guys, and men of God I respect the most, Tim Sinclair, preached his first sermon a few weeks back at Aletheia Church in Richmond.  He also just got married last Saturday.  I must admit that knowing Tim, I never saw him as a preacher or church planter.  I saw him as a great one-on-one ministry or small group kind of guy, but not necessarily as a preacher-behind-a-podium (or music stand) kind of guy.  Well, in short, this sermon blew me away.  I called him immediately after finishing the sermon to express my great joy in the gifting he had been hiding from us all along.  Really, it’s amazing.

So I encourage you all: download this sermon, listen to it, and leave a comment of encouragement for Tim, his budding ministry, and his budding marriage.


Click for Audio: Tim Sinclair: Rest.mp3

Faithful Forgiveness.pdf

Click for Manuscript: Tim Sinclair: Rest.pdf