Epiphany Mixtape

epiphany-mixtape-coverFrom now until Lent, the Church Calendar is in the season of Epiphany. This season is situated between the celebration of Christ’s Coming and the preparation of his death. That being the case, this season celebrates all that happened between those events, both theologically and historically.

Theologically, this time focuses on the Christian doctrine of the Incarnation. This season, throughout Church History (and this mixtape), has been filled with images that represent Jesus, the light of God, breaking into the darkness of the world in human form. You will often see this season associated with light breaking into darkness, sight breaking into blindness, and spiritual wakedness breaking into spiritual slumber.

Historically, this season has been associated mostly closely with arrival of the Wise Men to Jesus when he was two or three (no, they weren’t at the manger! Read your Bibles!), but as time has gone on, this season has been used to celebrate other aspects of his life on earth before that fateful passion week, including his presentation at the temple as a child (I’ve meditated on this event before as well) and his baptism as a young man.

You will find many of these thoughts and images throughout this mixtape. I’ve tried to build it around a narrative structure, moving from the abstract, cosmic statement of the Incarnation in Bach’s Bm Mass, through the darkness of human frailty and doubt, to the Wise Men seeing Christ (hence some of the Advent cross-over songs), on to Christ’s life, and then our response to that life. And for those that download the entire mixtape, there is a very exciting secret track at the end. Feel free to download and share it as you like, and may it bless you this Epiphany season.

For Epiphany Meditation. Click here to download or click play to stream

  1. Et Incarnatus EstJohann Sebastian Bach
  2. Open Thou Mine Eyes – Kate York
  3. Will the Lord Indeed Appear? – Red Mountain Church
  4. Star of WonderSufjan Stevens
  5. We Three Kings – Hillsong
  6. What Child is This?Future of Forestry
  7. You Woke Me Up!Andrew Bird
  8. LoverDerek Webb
  9. How GreatAaron Strumpel
  10. The Original Christian Man – Kalai
  11. Wide Awake – Cool Hand Luke
  12. Turn Your Eyes – Jadon Lavik
  13. Lover of the Light – Mumford & Sons
  14. Your Love is Strong – Jon Foreman
  15. What Wondrous Love is This? – New York Hymns
  16. I Will Not Eat the Darkness – Over the Rhine
  17. **SECRET TRACK** – download full album for track

[cover image credit: the photo on the mixtape cover is used with the gracious permission of photographer and friend of the blogDavid Schrott]

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